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How can we help you?

Do you have a great business idea but aren't sure where to begin? Why not take a moment to watch our video? You'll discover how we can help you develop and road test the potential of your business idea at the critical early stages of start up. Online and completely free of charge.

Before you start spending your cash, test out your business idea using our secure platform. Using BizKit (that's the name of our free tool), you can build a three-year financial plan with predictions, that will also help you understand where the risks and rewards lie and how your business will operate as you embark on your amazing journey.

Welcome to the Brand Foundation

The Brand Foundation is a charity on a mission to help budding entrepreneurs succeed.

The idea of running your own business, being your own boss and creating wealth and financial security for your loved ones, is something many people dream of. But of the small percentage of people that actually get that dream moving, 90% of them fail in the first year. Why? Because start-up businesses often move too quickly and don’t see the risks.

That major reason for start-up failure ends here.

The BizKit secure modelling platform will road test your business idea for you. It is completely free to use and no future commitment from you is required.

Welcome to your future; we are here to help you succeed.



If you have a good business or product idea and want to test its potential, use our FREE BizKit online platform to create your model and three-year profit & loss/cash flow forecast.

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Sponsors & Donators

Sponsors & Donators

Whether you’re a potential funder, mentor, corporate or individual, we provide a great sponsorship service with new ideas for investment and an intrepreneurial challenge for growth of existing businesses.

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Funders & Investors

Funders & Investors

One thing that start-ups need at launch are great funder/investor partners. BizKit helps the budding entrepreneur understand their funding needs as well as their risks. Which helps both parties to start building that strong relationship. The BizKit Club brings the parties together...

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Got a great business idea, but unsure what to do next?

BizKit™ will help you model your idea, create a three year P&L and cashflow - completely FREE of charge

Use BizKit™ to help you:

  • Create and analyse your ideas, products and services
  • Invite colleagues to join you online to help build your business forecasts
  • Generate a detailed overview of your trading incomes and gross profits
  • Identify your labour costs, overheads and any assets you need to buy
  • Confirm your three-year financial forecast and business funding needs

If you need funding for your business venture, upgrade to BizTik™

A donation of £60 helps fund our charity and will provide you the tools to help fund and launch your idea

Use BizTik™ to help you:

  • Create 'what if' scenarios to confirm your model's financial robustness
  • Add additional financial years to help prove growth and investment criteria
  • Understand your ideas’ financial risks and opportunities
  • Invite potential funders online to negotiate your funding needs one to one
  • Prepare start-up and year one budgets in detail ready for launch

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