bizkit club membership options

There are two BizKit Club Membership groups; Corporate and Private Members

Benefits are tailored to each Membership group in line with the options below

The Brand Foundation is a registered charity no.1165700 - 100% of all Members’ donations are credited to The Brand Foundation Start-up Fund to potentially help credible ideas not being funded/supported by Club Members

All investments made into start-ups introduced on the BizKit ‘Launch Pad’ are made of Members’ own volition and The Brand Foundation take no responsibility or liability in relation to the outcome of your investment/s

Features available to all levels of sponsorship

  • Free upgrade licence allowance in line with your donation, and stepped discounted BizTik licence costs thereafter.
  • Online eLearning programmes 100% focused on helping ‘intre’ and entrepreneurs succeed, built from our ongoing research with both start-ups and Corporate Members.
  • We provide a secure online ‘Launch Pad' of exciting new start-ups that have been modelled in the BizKit format, that will help you evaluate and consider your investment.
  • A discounted cost to run and support your tailored BizKit Challenge within your organisation or local communities at your convenience (ongoing or annual). Thereby creating a competitive and fun, personal development competition.

Benefits to our sponsors

  • Early validation through BizKit saves funders and start-ups time and money. You can join your start-up teams online, helping them prove their model and get ready for funding ahead of their launch.
  • At a discounted cost for Members, our ever growing eLearning library helps your start-up teams (and if Corporate, your employees) develop in specific areas, to help them succeed.
  • Solid opportunities to invest at the ground level of a full range of ideas and sectors. With the option to mentor/support these motivated startup teams to create joint success for each other.
  • All Members can inspire their 'intrepreneurial' employees' or local groups' innovation by running our BizKit Challenge. Their great ideas could easily add value to your bottom line and/or help your local/supported communities to develop CSR/eco-based projects.


We have created a secure online ‘Club’ for entrepreneurs who have ideas that have been identified as having ‘good potential’ through the BizKit platform to meet specialist investors in start-up businesses.

The entrepreneurs are available to meet with interested parties to gain more information to help them decide how and whether to move forward or not.

We also want to showcase our BizKit Challenge intrepreneurial ideas as they come forward with our corporate members.

We will be providing various added-value services such as information and statistics on budding entre and intrepreneurs, online training ‘bytes’ that are developed through the experiences of our users, and general blogs and features from entrepreneurial and intrepreneurial communities.

The BizTik upgrade provides:

  • Full bank level credit analytics
  • 'What if...' scenarios
  • Drill down accounts flexibility
  • Additional years' forecasting options
  • Private online meetings with the entrepreneurs

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There are two classes of member; Corporate and Private Members

Benefits are tailored to each Membership group, based on either funding or investment in great new ideas, and/or benefiting internally from our 'BizKit Challenge'. We work with your intrepreneurial employees to enable them to compete individually or in teams to think up and model business ideas to help grow your current bottom line!


The Foundation funds its activities through BizTik upgrade sponsorships, BizKit Challenge licences, and members' voluntary donations.

We would like to think that our BizKit Club members would be generous in making donations in line with the quality of their investments they might make in the business ideas that we deliver to the Club's 'Launch Pad'. Any such donations will be credited to The Brand Foundation Start-up Fund (the fund will be audited and available for members to peruse), which will form the final option for those ideas that have neither sponsorship nor funding from the members, but have passed muster through the BizTik upgrade. They could be first movers or in sectors that need a big shake-up with large established competition – areas where some investors understandably don’t have an appetite. We will then review them and decide whether they should be funded or not, through the Start-Up Fund.


Any budding entrepreneur working through BizKit with a sponsor attached, will not be available for access to the Launch Pad, unless their sponsors decide not to complete on the proposed funding. In that situation, they will be eligible for a Launch Pad 'pitch' and to meet other Club members online.

All business ideas that have been unable to secure sponsorship through the available channels will stay on the Launch Pad for two months, whereupon they will be reviewed for seed or full funding via our Start-up Fund.