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  • Zombie Startups?

    10th August 2017
  • New Government start-up fund ‘encouraging’ but must be managed well

    3rd August 2017
  • Are you ready to think differently?

    27th July 2017
  • The ‘intrepreneur’ – less risk but less reward

    19th July 2017
  • As a startup should you offer a better ‘deal’?

    14th July 2017
  • The Child Prodigy – Entrepreneurs of the Future

    5th July 2017
  • A Touch of Entrepreneurial Magic…

    28th June 2017
  • Superheroes and the Entrepreneur

    20th June 2017


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  • A journey into intrapreneurship and disruption with Jerry Brand

    Think Tank - Book Your Tickets Here

    24th March 2017
  • Britain’s startup community reacts to Theresa May’s plans to trigger Article 50 next week

    Elite Business

    21st March 2017
  • How to improve your company's cash flow - and avoid going bust

    Management Today

    17th March 2017
  • How to Bounce Back from a Business Failure

    Natwest Content Live

    13th March 2017
  • How to be a happy entrepreneur

    27th February 2017
  • Jerry Brand launches FREE business modelling tool for entrepreneurs JERRY BRAND LAUNCHES FREE BUSINESS MODELLING TOOL FOR ENTREPRENEURS

    Just Entrepreneurs News Coverage

    21st February 2017
  • Jerry Brand Launches Free Business Tool fro Entrepreneurs

    Just Entrepreneurs

    21st February 2017
  • Deal with the objection: You’re a startup, so can we have a better deal?

    Business Zone News Coverage

    31st January 2017