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The Child Prodigy – Entrepreneurs of the Future

5th July 2017

This week saw headlines surrounding a boy aged 10 years who had invented a device that could stop babies from dying in hot cars. Called The Oasis, the product works by blowing cold air if a child is left in its car seat by accident and it notifies the parents too. The young entrepreneur created the device after hearing about the death of a six-month old baby who had died inside a mini van (reportedly one of 39 individuals who died from being in a hot vehicle in the USA last year).

What really struck us about this story was not only the innovation and thought-process behind the clever solution but also the age of the child who had invented it. When looking at the entrepreneurial spectrum, it’s important to recognise the rise of the child prodigy – because after all, they are the future entrepreneurs of our world and deserve just as much respect and admiration as their adult counterparts. The likelihood is there are many more child prodigies out there than we could possibly imagine, some with pretty great ideas too. Of course, some won’t manage to get off the ground at that stage in their life for varying reasons parental permission, school demands, lack of cash etc. Or they may not be cut out for the world of the entrepreneur.

Real entrepreneurs whether younger or older are very instinctive; they don’t simply have an idea and then get an urge to do something about it. The urge comes first (which is instinctive), and then the ideas come (and many of them won’t have legs), but eventually they will find the right idea and then their success is based on how much of their flair for entrepreneurialism is about natural ability as opposed to education.

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