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Do entrepreneurs need a crash course in leadership skills?

29th September 2017

The idea of running your own business, being your own boss and creating wealth and financial security for your loved ones, is something many people dream of. But launching a successful business also means hard work and also becoming a great leader. You are the leader of your own ship and funding your venture, generating cash flow and sales is just the start.

You never stop learning as an entrepreneur and you shouldn’t. You must keep an open mind and be open to new ideas and change. Strong leadership and management is also an important part of any new venture. Most business ideas come form passionate people who are great at what they do. But handling recruitment, people management, dealing with HR issues, team motivation and creating a happy workforce are not always second nature to the typical entrepreneur.

This has opened the debate as to whether they is a need to re-educate entrepreneurs or whether they should simply accept that they need to rely on others to support that part of their journey? It’s certainly an interesting talking point, not one that is black and white either as every entrepreneur will have a different set of skills. The question is what are the key skills needed to make a great entrepreneur? Leadership is certainly part of the mix; we call this the CLICK: Creativity, Leadership, Impact, Confidence and Knowledge.

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