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Entrepreneurs; Born or Bred?

11th May 2017

The age old question; are entrepreneurs born or made?



We are all born with an ‘operating system’ in our brains (as babies we instinctively cry when we want our nappy changed, or are hungry) and we are equipped with a range of skills that help us to get on in life, so if we all have this ability, what separates entrepreneurs from employees?


It is one of the largest debates of all time as to whether it is nature or nurture that determines who we will become. The truth is, both play an integral role and therefore one can’t really exist without the other.


Our background (parents/family) shapes our development. We belong to a set of genetics that have already predetermined so much about us, including things like hair and eye colour, height, weight, skin colour etc.. so is it unreasonable to assume that some of our character traits are also inherited?


However, nurture (product of exposure) will shape us in how we view, as opposed to how we feel. This will ultimately change which path we get on and can affect our whole life. For instance, if your parents have always had their own business, it is normal for you to be conditioned and influenced in seeing that way of working as the norm. Likewise, if you have always seen your parents work for a company in a 9-5 position, you are likely to accept that as what you should do. That’s not to say that an entrepreneur strictly comes from a family with an entrepreneurial background, in fact, quite the opposite, so what determines this move?


The truth is, we all have the ability to become entrepreneurs- if we choose to. Of course there are so many variables that can affect your chances, for instance, where you were born, the family you are born into, your education and experiences. Whether this is on your side or not, we should ultimately nurture those who show an interest and a natural flair and to give them the best opportunities to take that leap.


People may have great ideas but unless they can be nurtured in the right environment and surrounded by the right people, it is all too common for those people to never reach their entrepreneurial potential.


It has been said that common traits of entrepreneurs include the following;

  • They enjoy freedom and hate the thought of a 9-5 routine. Only they dictate when, where and how they work.
  • They set no boundaries. The sky isn’t the limit because there isn’t one.
  • Entrepreneurs are not afraid to fail, in fact, it is expected. They simply take it on board as a learning curve and move on.
  • They are tenacious and focussed. If they have a clear goal, they will reach it.
  • They always learn. Learning is key to keeping on-trend in and ever-changing environment, if you don’t learn and progress, you will never move forward and succeed.
  • They believe in themselves. Might sound obvious but to be an entrepreneur you have to believe in what you are selling, whether that is a product a service or most of all and quite often, you. You have to get people to believe in you and your vision.
  • They are leaders- often making terrible followers or employees.
  • They read - a lot! 


Although you might have a head start if born into an entrepreneurial world, what you learn and experience is what makes you who you are and what shapes you. As we mentioned in last week’s blog; the rise of the ‘Olderpreneur’ is trending and will be here to stay. The saying is true that you become ‘older and wiser,’ despite what our younger selves might have thought.


So, born or bred?

 Well, anyone can learn to be good at something but you need passion and drive to be great and that isn’t something that is taught, you either have it, or you don’t.




Knowledge is power, so we have included a couple links here to some great reads for entrepreneurs (or those thinking about the transition!)



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