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A Touch of Entrepreneurial Magic…

28th June 2017

It may have escaped your attention this week if you aren’t a J K Rowling fan, but it is actually the 20-year anniversary of Harry Potter – a whole 20 years since the famous iconic magician with his cute round spectacles and that infamous ‘scar’ on his forehead came to life.

That has gone by fast, kind of similar to most people’s careers, one minute you are starting out on a journey of magical discovery and then 20 years has shot by, just like that. The journey itself is however, the interesting part – because everyone has a story to tell and everyone develops their own special powers and skills during that journey of discovery. Does it take a little but of magic to become truly successful? Is it something you are born with (like Harry) or do you have to work for it (like Hermione)?

This week we caught up with one of our Trustees Chris Sheppardson, to see what he thinks about the whole ‘magical’ journey of being an entrepreneur and to quiz him on his own special powers…

We asked Chris - what are your five special entrepreneurial ‘powers’? This is what he said:

  1. Self belief
  2. Passion for the challenge
  3. The ability to adapt to roadblocks
  4. Mental strength
  5. A love of life 

“To be truly successful in this life, you know it is going to be a hard and long journey, one that is not for the faint-hearted. Choosing a path as an entrepreneurs is the ultimate test of character which does have a habit of exposing any flaws and often quite openly. So one needs to be able to learn, listen and have the courage to find new answers. For this, one needs great passion, belief and mental strength as well as the ability to flex and adapt. I always talk of one of my closest friends who started his journey as a producer of a musical theatre but soon realised it was not going to work so he adapted to become a very successful agent instead. It is a tough journey so one needs to enjoy life along the way otherwise it can slowly destroy you. Life always picks one up afterwards and that is a truth that is always worth remembering as you battle the twists and turns of the entrepreneurial world.”


We also asked Chris what ‘House’ he thinks he would have been placed in at Hogwarts:

“Gryffindor – I believe I have done things that few others would do, I am brave enough to take a leap into the unknown and somehow manage to find a way through”.


Hogwarts House Traits:

Gryffindor – courage, bravery and determination

Hufflepuff – hard work, patience, loyalty and fair play

Ravenclaw – wit, learning and wisdom

Slytherin – pride, ambition and cunning


Which kind of entrepreneur are you?

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