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Superheroes and the Entrepreneur

20th June 2017

As the infamous Wonder Woman made a come back to the big screen across the UK earlier this month, it’s all about girl power in this latest superhero blockbuster. But it got us thinking, whenever something is topical or trending, people like to jump onto the proverbial PR band wagon (don’t we all!) and our favourite this week has to be an article linking the battles that entrepreneurs face to Wonder Woman and the many struggles she faces in terms of achieving her destiny. But is the release of the much-anticipated superhero movie really about to inspire a new generation of leaders?

Probably not, but it’s a nice topical link and if we are going to play the analogy ‘game’ there are some similarities between superheroes and the entrepreneurial world that are worth a mention. A superhero for example, one could argue is born rather than bred – they are usually born with super powers, or something happens to them where powers are bestowed upon them that they didn’t have previously. One could liken that to the traditional entrepreneur, many are born leaders i.e. they simply have a natural gift and desire for leadership, to change the world and to take risks. Some on the other hand, are innovators (perhaps less confident in the actual delivery) but with a good idea (which if executed successfully) could lead to success in the entrepreneurial world.

The point is, a super hero is often viewed as a role model, someone to aspire to and someone that is often untouchable and although this is all quite mesmerising from an onlookers perspective, there is also the danger of a stigma that ‘superhero powers’ are out of reach for ‘ordinary’ every day people. But the truth is, given the right support and the right tools, anyone can launch a business, anyone can come up with an idea and anyone can become an entrepreneur (and there are many such ‘diamonds in the rough’ to be discovered in this country today).

Just as Wonder Woman has her battles to fight and lessons to learn, so do we as potential startups and entrepreneurs. Whether or not you have true super powers (or the skills to make it happen) might come down to the simplest of things. What if your idea doesn’t work or you don’t know where to start? Do you give up? Do you learn from your mistakes and move on? Do you try new approaches? Do you face your demons? Do you tackle change and challenge or do you walk away? There are many more questions you could ask yourself along your journey as an entrepreneur, but those who are prepared to go out onto the front line, stand a greater chance of winning more battles that they lose.

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