The BizKit Modeling Platform

The platform is an online application hosted on Microsoft’s Azure network. Your data is backed up fully and your idea is entirely secure from anyone except you and your invitees.

You can invite your colleagues and sponsors to participate in modelling your business idea through to a three-year P&L, balance sheet and cashflow.

If you are a free agent, you can invite your choice of funder/investors to a secure PROM (private online meeting) to discuss your funding requirements. We recommend upgrading to BizTik (at £60) first, to provide bank level credit ratios. Although you may wish to wait, as anyone funding you would normally be happy to pay the upgrade fee as part of their 'onboarding' support.

BizKit's workflow is designed to:

  • Analyse your conceptual business idea/s
  • Invite colleagues online to model with you
  • Forecast your detailed Gross Profit
  • Create your labour and support resources
  • Confirm your three year P&L, balance sheet, cashflow and funding needs

Setup my new biz

Setup my new biz

My trading tree and GP

My trading tree and GP

My resources

My resources

Finalise my model

Finalise my model

Upgrade to BizTik

Upgrade to BizTik

access to the launch pad!

access to the launch pad!

Quick Biz; Our Simple Ready Reckoner

We have provided a really simple first year P&L to quickly see how your idea comes together in trading terms. This will allow you to consider putting some quality time in to use our free BizKit modelling platform and create a three year professional model and forecast with capital/funding requirements.

DO NOT use this tool as the basis of starting your business - it is intended purely as a 'quick' look.

If you would prefer to go directly to register and model your idea fully on the BizKit platform, then please click here and we will register your interest ahead of our upcoming launch.


'My main idea is a...'
Please estimate your first year's sales here:
Please add your projected margin % here:
Is this gross profit inline with your industry? If not, please adjust your margin % above.
Where will you get your customers from?
How many people will you employ?
How much (total) will you pay them against your sales income above?
Note: automatic calculation of NIC/PAYE, etc...
Will you need setup costs? If so, please identify how much here
How much do you want to borrow to get trading?
What interest rate will you pay?
Please choose what resources you will need, and estimate the cost over the first year
    Add additional resources
Total resource costs per year:
Forecasted profit/loss for the first year:
Gross profit (B):
Less total overheads(C + D + E):
First year estimated profit/loss:
To register to use BizKit free of charge, please click here

Don't be overly concerned if your first year's profit is a loss - many start-ups are like that. Also, this is a very ‘quick biz’ look at your idea. If you want the full ‘BizKit’ analysis, then register now and when we launch we can get modelling your idea properly!

What's important is knowing and achieving your cost of sales (that's 100% minus your margin you inputted above), and keeping your labour and resources in check whilst you get started and begin to grow. That brings us to the obvious last point - which is all about achieving your expected sales. That confidence comes from the quality and market need/appetite for your idea. Have you done your product-fit and market sector research to be sure you have what the customers want? What about your competition and the barriers to entry you will face?

If you model your idea through BizKit, we will help you through these important areas. But that’s not all - as well as giving you some insight on risk and general business common sense, you will really understand how your business idea is modelled from top to bottom. In turn, that will help you to forecast up to three years to see how your idea develops, and make you confident to talk details to funders if your idea has potential, and you want to launch it.

Note: For the purposes of this simple illustration, we are working on net VAT values

This ready reckoner is intended purely as a simple, quick listing of a basic Profit & Loss for the visitor to get a feel for their basic incomes and costs of their idea. Under no circumstances should anyone consider starting a business on the back of these calculations. The BizKit modelling platform will help you properly analyse your business idea. If you feel you have an idea that might be worthwhile spending some quality time to full analyse, then please register for your free to use BizKit platform.


You can use the BizKit system to road test up to three start-up ideas free of charge and the system will deliver you a three-year forecast for P&L, balance sheet and cashflow. It will allow you to generate your funding needs within that process. You can adjust your costs and income as many time as you want in order to develop your best case financial plan and business structure.

Now, here comes the catch!

If you already have access to funds and don’t need to go through the standard credit style metrics and analytics, then we will provide you with data that you can use to launch your start-up (so in this instance there is no catch).

If you need funding, an upgrade to the BizTik platform (max. £60) will provide you with bank level credit ratios and 'what if...' scenarios that will help you to justify your funding credentials. You can invite your favoured funders securely online for a 'PROM' (private online meeting) to discuss your results, and funders will normally reimburse the cost of the upgrade to you.

As a registered charity (no. 1165700), 100% of donations, sponsorships and upgrade fees goes towards funding the BizKit system, user support, and the BizKit Club (which then goes on to help the next budding entrepreneur).

On that basis, we hope you’ll agree that our ‘catch’ is justified?

How we treat your data and respect your privacy

We ask you to answer our research questions as you go through the BizKit workflow. This helps our Charitable Purpose for the furthering of education in relation to entrepreneurship and corporate intrepreneurship. The answers you provide are saved on your personal profile, so that we can advise you of any relevant training programmes that we may design from your, and others' answers. As a 'BizKit Alumni' you will get access to the training library free of charge as it builds. We just want to help you succeed, so one day you will come back and help finance other entrepreneurs.

We will anonymise your data, keeping a note of gender and age. We will share the anonymous data with recognised educationalists who in turn will help us create tailored entrepreneurship curriculums and online learning tools for secondary, further, higher and adult education.

We will NEVER sell your data to any third party in a format where the ownership details can be recognised.

Finding Funding

Your funding requirements will be generated by you as you head towards the final screens of the free to use BizKit platform. We want you to be as independent as you can be at this stage if you are not sponsored. So your position is very competitive to put out on the Launch Pad to ensure that everyone gets an equal opportunity for funding commitment, and in turn you get the right funding partner/s.

Launch set... Now what?

The fun (and blisteringly hard work) is now about to start! We are building a team of supplier partners who offer well discounted services and understand the support needed by start-ups. We maintain a support forum on these services, so we self-regulate through experience from those who use them. Like our investors, any donations we receive go to the Start-Up Fund for the next generation of entrepreneurs in the hot seat.