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The Brand Foundation uses the Microsoft Azure platform, SPA and SQL database technologies in order to enable you to model and forecast your business idea on our secure BizKit platform. The objective is to allow you to model your idea through a setup/three year trading window free of charge using professional software.

You or your registered sponsors will then be able to upgrade the software which will allow you to review different scenarios to professional credit risk levels. So you can see how the risks and opportunities that you will generate may support and also affect your funding requirements. In order to ensure that you and your authorised partner users of the system are the only people who can gain access to your information and data, we use industry standard encryption for access to the website.

1.1. The Brand Foundation may collect and process personal information that is provided by registering on the Website, answering any questions and/or inputting any data within the Services provided.

1.2. The Brand Foundation may also collect and process details of visits to the Website and resources accessed.

1.3. The Brand Foundation will provide a secure online environment for you to challenge your business idea which will be accessible only to you and your chosen partners. Full help notes and wizards are available in the platform to enable you to complete the model. If you wish an authorised Brand Foundation person (‘Support’) to assist you in completing your business idea model at any time, you can make contact through the ‘Coach Comment’ alert button in the system. This will authorise access to your secure environment for support to assist you.

1.4. At no time will support ask you for any specific details of your business idea unless you want to discuss this with them. You will be asked relevant questions relating to your business idea in the platform in order to setup the accounting requirements for the live forecast, but these are technical questions only, to allow for accurate reporting and to setup any differences in accounting treatments within differing business sectors.

1.5. Access to any personal information and any data that you provide through the course of any interface with The Brand Foundation’s Services will be restricted to support only. In the course of researching and/or receiving that data, if the information is associated with our Charitable Purpose (for the public benefit relating to the advancement of education and knowledge in the theory and practice of business), you accept and agree that we may share the research results and outcomes with relevant educational and training bodies in relation to ongoing curriculum developments. This will be on the basis that all aggregated data shared in this manner will be anonymous of any personal identity other than gender and age. We will never share any personal data with commercial organisations unless you directly confirm this is OK to do (e.g. if you decide to make contact with any official sponsors to The Brand Foundation that are listed on the public website, or other funder/investor/mentoring type agencies).

1.6. By agreeing to our Licence Terms, you give your consent to this information being processed and stored (by means of a computer database or otherwise) as described above, in return for providing you with access to the Services. You understand that The Brand Foundation will provide you with a software licence and secure data storage so that only your authorised partners and support will have any access to your business ideas.

1.7. You equally provide confirmation that The Brand Foundation may display your idea as a case study on the Website to help encourage other budding entrepreneurs to come forward, challenge and model their ideas.