Are you a potential sponsor?

As all our Trustees have had or are having successful careers, we understand that modern sponsorship needs to deliver real benefit for both parties!

To us our benefit is simple; we get to help mobilise whoever uses the BizKit conceptual modelling platform to 'improve their lot'...

Please take a look at the video and see if you can benefit from an association with The Brand Foundation by using our software to help your 'customers'; be they all ages within education, anyone of any age with a great idea (both budding entrepreneurs and corporate intrepreneurs), or even local communities who can help energise their industries and job opportunities...

The BizKit Challenge

The BizKit Challenge can be used in different formats with either teams or individuals taking part

You can run the Challenge over a specified period or as a 'suggestions/ideas' drip feed

BizKit is used to model a suggestion or idea that will share current overheads and increase income and gross profit

If there is capital investment needed, then BizTik can be used to create the funding models and ratios

You can model your teams' ideas for as long a period as you want to see what effect they will have on profitability

We provide all the help and support that you will need to maximise the benefit of engaging your teams

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    There are many groups who benefit from the Challenge. Education at all ages, competing both internally and against similar institutions. Local, regional/national and international businesses making the Challenge as focused as they want within their organisational or HR development structures. Equally, local groups looking to regenerate areas of their communities.

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    The BizKit Challenge opens many doors! We are building the 'BizKit Development Programme' where our own people learn how to run their own businesses. They may go on to be entrepreneurs or intrepreneurs. We can manage similar annual programmes for our sponsors to continue the positive work that the Challenge starts. Our eLearning systems focus on the business basics that complements the innovation (and occasional chaos!) that comes with being a creative, 'ideas' person.

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    The Challenge is about encouraging and fostering 'intrepreneurship'. Enabling people who have great ideas every day, but for many reasons don't bring those ideas to fruition as their own business. These intrepreneurs are potentially as 'profitable' as their entrepreneurial colleagues - the difference is you get to benefit from discovering this hidden talent!